It’s a beautiful morning!

I hate teething! After three days of looking like this:, I gave Mommy a break this morning. First, I did a LOT of sleeping! I woke up at about 4:30, but all Mommy had to do was pat me on my back and I went right back to sleep until 6:15. After my breakfast bottle, I surprised Mommy by going right back to sleep…until 9:00! YAY! I have been working on learning how to fall asleep all by myself, and I’m doing a great job – last night I even turned on my soother all by myself for some extra lullabyes.

All of that is not even the best part, though. When I woke up at 9, I let Mommy know I was still breathing by making little noises (she worries when I sleep too much!), but I played by myself for almost 20 minutes! I worked on all that crawling I’ve been trying during the day and spun myself around 180 degrees to play with my toys at the foot of my crib; here is how Mommy and Daddy found me this morning:
I was so proud of myself!

Moving on…

I still want to help all of the people in Haiti who need food and supplies and medical attention, so Mommy and Daddy said that for any person who leaves a comment on this post, they will donate $1 to the American Red Cross. They will donate another $1 for anyone who posts my button (you can get it on the right sidebar) on their page. Grammy and Coach said they’d match our donations, too! If you prefer to donate directly, you can find a list of links that I put together here.

ETA: Mommy and Daddy donated $25, Grammy and Coach added another $25, and Grammy’s office matched them, making it a total of $75! Thanks to everyone who commented!

I’m going to go off and enjoy the weekend while the weather is still nice, so I leave you with some giggles:

Have a great day!

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  1. I'm so proud of you Nicholas! That was awesome when you turned yourself around in your crib and played with your toys all by yourself! And this morning you slept through the night all the way to 7:00am! Sorry you've been so grumpy lately because of teething. Don't worry, you'll feel better in about 2 years!

  2. What do you think Nicholas is going to think of this blog when he gets older and is able to read it? I think he might think that you guys are crazy. LOL.

  3. Hi mommy, hi daddy. Time to dig a bit further into those pockets. I'll bookmark this and tweet about it to spread the word a little!

    I think this blog is a fantastic way to treasure early memories.

  4. Nicholas! I miss you, dude…I think you hosuld come visit your favorite cousin up at college!
    Love you!

  5. oops….I made a typo…never do that when you get older and learn how to spell!!

  6. So sorry about your teething! My daughter Lily will start teething someday – maybe your post will help me understand what she's going through a little better! Thanks for the baby's eye view!

  7. I consider myself lucky and only a few times did my son cry with teething…It goes by so fast enjoy every minute of it…

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