Gymini Super Deluxe Lights & Music Activity Gym: Toy Review Tuesday

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On to my regular post for today…

Aunt Joyce and Aunt Roselle got me my play mat before I was even born, but I’ve only been really interested in it for the last month or so. My best friend, Henry, and I play on it all the time!
According to the description at, my “Activity gym is jammed packed with features for your little one. There are flashing lights and colorful images to stimulate baby’s senses. There’s also different fabrics and textures to encourage baby to touch and four musical selections to stimulate baby’s hearing. Seeing his reflection in the mirror will encourage your baby to life [sic] his neck and shoulders, while the hanging toys will have your little one reaching out and even rolling over. For ages newborn to 10 months.” You can learn more from Tiny Love, the makers of this product.

I don’t know about all of that, but it’s fun to play on! Sometimes I play on my tummy – I really like looking in the mirror and chewing on the elephant’s crinkly ear. Henry likes playing with the flowers that light up and play music and the squeaker bird, but I pretty much ignore those. We’re really good at sharing. Sometimes Henry takes the middle of the mat and sometimes I do – I even learned how to roll over from my back to my tummy by reaching over to get to him!
As much fun as it is to play on my gym on my tummy, it’s even better when I can be on my back and see all the dangly toys! Mommy thinks I should point out that each of the toys can be unhooked from the arches so they can be played with away from the gym or moved to where they are easier to reach. My favorite one is the elephant that shakes and retracts when you pull it down. There is also a giraffe that rattles, a parrot with super-cool crinkly wings that spins around, and plastic rings that I like to chew on. My least favorite is the monkey – he just hangs there without doing anything extra and he dangles lower than the other toys so sometimes he’s brushing me in the face and bothering me.
MOST of the time I really like playing on my mat and having a good time with my animal friends, like here:

…but SOMETIMES, I feel like the animals are attacking me and it’s too scary, like here:

I play on my play mat alone once in a while – sometimes while Mommy and Daddy are eating dinner and Henry is napping….
But my absolute favorite times on my gym are not even when I’m playing with the dangly toys or the baby in the mirror. My ABSOLUTE favorite times on my gym are when Henry comes over and tells me a funny joke and we laugh.
Mommy says that babies on a budget don’t really need a special mat; they could just use a blanket and some of their regular toys and rattles, especially if they have a furry puppy to play with. She does appreciate the fact that this gym is easy to wipe off, though, because usually I signal the end of tummy time by spitting up. If you do want to get a playmat (and you don’t really need it until you’re about 3 months old since you won’t notice all the cool stuff on it before then anyway) the Gymini Super Deluxe is a good choice.
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