Our Week in iPhone Photos: 10/20-10/26

This fall is kicking our tushies, you guys. Daddy has *one more* semester of school left before he completes his third Master’s, and we’re hoping that once that is done our schedule feels a little easier… but realistically, when Daddy is finished Mommy will be heading back to school, so it will just be a new flavor of hectic…


IMG_3412On Sunday afternoon, Daddy took me and Cole out for a while so Mommy could have some peace and quiet. She did some lesson planning, and laundry, and reveled in the silence.
IMG_3414I am very good at putt putt.
IMG_3406That’s where the ball went.
IMG_3411Show this picture to Dr. Andy and THEN tell me who’s a pinhead.
IMG_3409We had such a great day!


IMG_3427Aardvarks. I believe I am doing the funky chicken here.IMG_3440I drew all over my pretty yellow shirt with black, permanent marker. Mommy gave up on the day, handed me the ipad and laid down next to me for a little while.
IMG_3444Mommy sent this out into the world on Monday afternoon. It was VERY Monday.


IMG_3447Cole and I were both fast asleep at 8:45 on Tuesday morning, which is when we usually leave for school; since we seemed super tired and Tuesdays are a short day anyway (and since Mommy knew we had a full week ahead of us), we just stayed home. We got up a short while later and snuggled on the couch for a little while.
IMG_3460Mommy went to the bathroom for 30 seconds.


IMG_3487We came accross this super obvious sign on Long Island.


IMG_3498Thursday was kind of awesome; Cole and Coach carved a pumpkin.
IMG_3516We saw a gorgeous rainbow.
IMG_3581And we went to the circus!


IMG_3604None of us are huge fans of morning time.
IMG_3605I went to school with Mommy for a meeting; clearly, I was very helpful with her note-taking.
IMG_3610Friday was Cole’s last swimming lesson of the session.
IMG_3618Mommy and Daddy went on Date Night (local friends: Stir Crazy is running an AWESOME promotion: 2 apps + 2 entrees + a shared dessert + movie tickets = $35), and came home to both of us sleeping.


IMG_3625Daddy was away for the weekend, so Mommy took Cole and I to Boo at the Zoo solo. She and Cole had a super cool shadow.
IMG_3626I got to ride in the stroller.
IMG_3627Cole would like to make it clear that he is not going to be Batman for Halloween; his costume is not quite done, and Mommy didn’t want mine to get messed up at the zoo, so we just wore playtime dress up costumes instead. He also wants it know that he is NOT Batman. He is just “a kid in a costume.” Just to clear that up.
IMG_3638We shared lunch in the Dancing Crane Cafe.
IMG_3648And hit up Madagascar for a bit before heading home.
IMG_3655Cole told me all about the animals – he was cracking up the people around us. He explained to me that when animals hide that’s called camouflage, and also snakes smell with their tongues.

We ended the day with dinner at Grammy Boo and Coach’s house. Mommy does not have an “after” picture to share, but trust me: I really enjoyed that cupcake.

Mommy kind of felt like a Rock Star on Saturday; we were cooperative and charming and Good Listeners all day, and we went on a fun adventure together. Then, on Sunday, it was back to chaos in our household when the alarm didn’t go off and she dropped us off at Coach and Grammy Boo’s house still in our jammies and raced off to work. Oh, well.

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  1. Your kids’ costumes are too cute! Especially the ‘kid in the costume’ costume 🙂

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