Up to My Eyeballs

I haven’t posted about this in the past, mostly because I know that it is something that the child involved will not want out there, on the internet, when he or she is older.

The interwebz are forever.

I have hit my breaking point, however, so I need… something. Advice. Support. Alcohol.

Without going into detail – because 1) disgusting, and 2) privacy – we are having some potty issues.  Once upon a time, we had a perfectly potty trained toddler.  All manner of waste were put in the proper receptacle – at home, in public, we were potty superstars.

Then, though, there was some intestinal difficulty and some… back up.  The resultant… product was larger than its exit route and caused a bit of pain.  This led to reluctance to participate in that activity anymore, which resulted in TONS of problems.

We have a diagnosis of encopresis (don’t google that), and have been back in pull ups.  There has not been any solid elimination in the potty since *January.*  Recently, the switch to pull ups resulted in complete potty training reversal – and LOTS of tears.  On the part of the child AND this mother.

For over 2 months.

I am so sick of cleaning excrement, it is ridiculous.  I cannot even.  We have a therapy appointment for tomorrow, and hopefully that leads us to some solution; it is SO hard to remember that this is a medical situation that said child does not have complete control over – I am unbelievably frustrated and less patient than I should be.  We have been through FOUR pairs of underwear and ALL of my ability to cope today.

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