Our Week in iPhone Photos: 3/31-4/6

Mommy’s show was this weekend, so most of the week was crazy with last minute rehearsals and preparations; Cole and I spent a much of time with Coach. Now that the show is over, Mommy is switching gears and teaching Hebrew school, and preparing to take the Lamaze certification exam. Never a dull moment!


IMG_6677Woke up the last day of vacation pretty cheerful!


IMG_6692Cole fell asleep in the car on the way to the zoo, so he spent the first little while there waking up on Mommy’s back.


IMG_6697We spent some time in the Congo Gorilla Forest.


IMG_6699Making new friends


IMG_6706The butterflies in the Butterfly Garden really liked our yellow submarine stroller.


IMG_6723Mommy thinks Cole makes a pretty handsome bumblebee.


IMG_6735Bug Carousel? Pretty much my favorite thing ever.


IMG_6762Cole wanted to take a ride in the stroller, so I got to hitch along with Mommy for a while.


IMG_6790Most people plan to hit Stew Leaonard’s on the way home from the zoo.  WE decided to go to the zoo since we’d be nearby at Stew Leonard’s… We love that place! Here’s Cole enjoying the singing butter sticks.


IMG_6800This picture? 15 minutes before we had to head out the door to make it to school in time.  Our vacation tuckered Cole out.


IMG_6821Aardvarks makes me happy.


IMG_6836Max’s school was on vacation still, so he got to come to Aardvarks, too!


IMG_6859After we picked Cole up from school, Mommy tried to take us for a walk around Rockland Lake,


IMG_6863We only got about a half a mile before it started pouring, though.


IMG_6869Cole helped Daddy make dinner: spaghetti with shrimp and tomatoes and feta – yum!


IMG_6872On Tuesday morning, I had my monthly baby class, but Coach was going to be watching me and Cole later in the afternoon while Mommy had rehearsal, so Cole came with us.


IMG_6880We sat in the chairs outside and pretended to watch a movie.  Those sticks and rocks on the table between us are our popcorn and Twizzlers according to Cole.


IMG_6887We took an unanticipated trip to Dr. Andy’s because I fell and was bleeding from my mouth – I was totally fine, but Mommy just wanted him to count my teeth.  Cole and I got to play with the fun toys in his waiting room!


IMG_6892Mommy went in to check on Cole before she went to bed and found him sleeping sitting straight up.  He’s weird.


IMG_6900On Wednesday, Mommy and I took our walk around Rockland Lake – it was chilly, but no rain!


IMG_6901I like my pink fluffy coat.


IMG_6907Mommy likes my pink chubby cheeks.


IMG_6912Daddy made roasted vegetable soup, and it was so good I used 2 spoons.


IMG_1374Cole was a really good listener while we were at Coach’s house and Mommy was at rehearsal, so Daddy took us to McDonald’s as a treat.


IMG_1382Kid sized tables are still a little too big for me.


IMG_6923I sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed, and I stretch out.


IMG_6926We went to pick up Cole at school on Friday, and I RAN with the big kids!


IMG_6934Seriously? No more popcorn?


IMG_6936Mommy left Cole in charge while she headed off to her performance because Daddy and I were napping.


IMG_6941Saturday morning started out with laundry at Coach’s house.  I read a story with Grammy Boo.


IMG_6949Cole watched some tv with Coach, and climbed all over him.




IMG_6955After Mommy’s show, we went out to dinner with Coach and Grammy Boo.  Coach was my date.


IMG_6958Again, Cole got preferential treatment.  Where is MY ginormous strawberry milkshake?


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  1. OMG I LOVE Lulu’s little pink coat. Congrats on finishing the show! I hope everything was amazing!

    • Hand me down! Poor Lulu never gets anything new – we have very generous friends. The show went really well – the kids did a great job!

  2. Love all the pics. The kids are getting so big!!

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