Our Week in iPhone Photos: 1/13 – 1/19

I can’t believe it’s Sunday and time to link up with Suzanne already!  We have about 17,000 things to post about, but haven’t had any time!  Mommy has play rehearsals twice a week, Daddy’s working like crazy, and the skies dumped snow all over us!


IMG_4216Cole slept over at Grammy Boo & Coach’s house after my birthday party (he kind of invited himself), so on Sunday we had to go back and get him.

IMG_4239Then we had a birthday party to go to for one of Cole’s friends. The favor was a big cookie with lots of blue icing.  Blue icing and Cole’s tummy are not friends.

IMG_4243Uncle Eric made Cole a super cool kitchen step stool, so now he helps Daddy cook.


IMG_4256Cole’s Ariel likes to nap in the bed in my doll house, but the sheets are sewn to the bed and Cole was mad that he couldn’t tuck her in. So Grammy Boo made her an afghan. Because obviously.

IMG_4257After Cole’s midnight disagreement with blue icing, Mommy decided that he should come with us to Aardvarks rather than rush off to school. He proclaimed that the stairs looked like a bed and showed Mommy and me how he could sleep on one.


IMG_4312Winter week days are AWESOME at the zoo because we practically have the whole place to ourselves. The Bug Carousel ladies let us ride twice in a row!

IMG_4318Cousin Amy gave Cole a boost to see through the telescope.

IMG_4331Mommy has Cole convinced that sweeping up with the dustpan is super fun.



IMG_4359Cole and I played hide and seek at the McDonald’s play space; we had a great time until Mommy said it was time to go and Cole did not handle that news particularly well.


IMG_4378Mommy finished the soup and it was the saddest ever.


IMG_4393Silly face!

IMG_4404Friday trip to Barnes & Noble after out trip to Panera for dinner – B&N is my favorite.


IMG_4416Mommy informs me that my hands-on-hips sass is undermined by the fact I let Cole choose 4 bows for my hair.

IMG_4425Cole went on errands in the morning with Daddy and then napped the entire afternoon; Mommy’s a little worried he might be coming down with something.

IMG_4427Even after my nap, Cole was in a calm, quiet mood.

IMG_4430Tuckered boys!

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  1. I am dying to take the kids to the Bronx Zoo – maybe when it gets just a little warmer we could make a play date?

  2. Cole and Connor live similar lives its amazing to see these pics– lulu is also adorae!!!

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