Our Week in iPhone Photos: 1/6 – 1/12

Another week, another iPhone photo link up with Suzanne.  We had another big week – I turned one on Thursday and we had a little birthday party on Saturday. As usual, there was too much running around and too little sleep – Mommy’s exhausted. Again. (Or maybe still?)


IMG_4109Here’s another one of those stalker-y pics where Mommy watches me sleep.
IMG_4113Even more sleeping. Riveting, right? I was feeling a little off on Sunday – no fever or anything, but I spent the day quiet and snuggly with Mommy.

IMG_4117Cole, on the other and, is NEVER in a quiet mood – he went to the gym with Daddy for Family Swim.


IMG_4123Monday was the first Music for Aardvarks of the New Year!


IMG_4127We were *supposed* to go to Stepping Stones with Max and Baby Sarah and Michele on Tuesday, but we had a biit of a rough night and were too tired,  We wound up hanging out with Trey and Melissa instead.  Oliver, is the most patient cat in the whole world.
IMG_4132Cole got stuck in the toy bin and almost tumbled all the way in!

IMG_4139Lunch with Trey – yum!


IMG_4159I don’t even remember what we did on Wednesday… picked up Cole from school, apparently, but that’s the only photographic evidence of our day!


IMG_4172Birthdays are tiring; I took a little nap with Cousin Amy.
IMG_4174Cole is super proud of his new Lego bins.


IMG_4182Breakfast couch party!
IMG_4184On Friday, I had my 12 month well care visit – 3 shots! Boo. I’m almost 30 inches tall, and nearly 21 pounds.

IMG_4186Another day, another nap.

IMG_4189I’m not the only one Mommy takes creepy sleeping pictures of!


IMG_4194Saturday was my birthday party, which will definitely get its own post, but here are a few preview pics… Mommy made me a heart cake.
IMG_4195With yummy vanilla frosting.

IMG_4197She made the banner, too.

IMG_4201And Cole’s shirt.

IMG_4204She can’t, however, take credit for my supercute outfit – that she bought on Etsy.

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  1. The heart cake is so cute and clever!! Happy Birthday Lulu!!

    • Thanks! I was a little upset with the icing – it bled so my lettering wasn’t great – but the shape came out really good! Also? The Magnolia Bakery vanilla buttercream frosting? YUM.

  2. Happy birthday!

    I want to do stepping stones again soon!

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