Hurricane Sandy

Frankenstorm has come and gone, and left a HUGE amount of damage in its wake; we were *very* lucky to come out unscathed – we never even lost power! MANY of our friends were not so lucky, however.

I spent Monday at Trey’s house playing and watching movies while we waited out the storm.  We are so lucky that he lives right next door!

Two thirds of the people in our county, including Grandma, have lost electricity, and the power expects *at least: 7 to 10 days to get everyone turned on.  Daddy has gotten to stay home the past few days because all the schools are closed, and there are roads closed all over the place.

A big tree went down right onto Grammy Boo and Coach’s driveway.

Luckily it missed the house, and both of their cars were safe in the garage, but it pulled some power lines down with it – and it’s blocking the whole driveway, so they’re kind of trapped…

I hope all of my friends out there are safe and sound, and everyone gets their power back soon!

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  1. So glad you guys are safe and hopefully everyone you know (and everyone in general) gets cleaned up and their power back soon!

  2. Sandy continues to weaken over the interior Northeast, however gusty winds, snow and rain will linger into Wednesday. huskatalog

  3. I'm so glad you all are OK and that you didn't suffer any damage, and I hope your Grammy is able to get out of her house soon. That storm was definitely a Frankenstorm!

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