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I mentioned this on Wednesday, but I know some of my friends might not be all caught up: So, I’m totally a celebrity now.

<--- Look! That is page 125 of the November, 2011 issue of Parents magazine (part of the “Gaga to Google” article).

That is not really my favorite picture of myself, but other than that, I’m really flattered by the whole thing: I am mentioned as one of the “tiny tots who are making a big splash in the blogosphere.” The author, Christen Brandt, recommends following me if “You enjoy witty jokes from suburban babies.”


Well, I’m definitely a suburban baby toddler, but witty? That’s a lot of pressure! I’ve already been gaining a bunch of new Twitter followers, which is really very nice, but all of a sudden I’m not too sure what to say anymore. I’m only 2 – I have limited material!

Am I still allowed to post deep and thought provoking tweets about Sesame Street?
Seriously, other than that the only thing I really do on Twitter is chat with Molly, and WeeMason’sMom, and Harmony – or solicit advice for everything ranging from ways to ::ahem:: unclog my tummy to potential middle names for Squishy.

So. I am SUPERexcited to be famous now {Mommy would like to know if I can start to expect great perks, and when people will start to recognize me in public. I still trip a lot when I run – will I be able to outpace the paparazzi?}, and hopeful that my new friends will not find me too boring.

Lots of things to talk about in the coming weeks – stay tuned for:

  • how Daddy & I break the rules when Mommy is not around
  • my very first experiences with having an outside-the-family, paid babysitter
  • my favorite iPhone/iPad apps for toddlers
  • the transition to my Big Boy Bed {assuming Mommy doesn’t chicken out}
  • a recap of my Toddler Busy Bag exchange
  • Squishy updates!

I’m headed to the New Parents Expo in NYC this weekend, so if you’re going to be there let me know so we can say hi! See you Monday!

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  1. I'm so proud of you Cole! Don't worry about trying to be funny, just be yourself. 😉

  2. Yay!!! Please start working on your autograph, because we need it before you forget the little people!!!

    The “still trip a lot when I run” cracked me UP!! Totally made me picture Mason and Cole in a foot race and them both falling half a dozen times before they got to the finish line. Hahahahaha

    And, because it's all about me, I was totally “Hmmph, that was NOT one of the pictures I suggested” Hahahaha

  3. That is so awesome! I just got my copy, so I hadn't read it, but now that I did….GO COLE!!! So cool….I know a celebrity!!! LOL

  4. Yay! I'm so excited for you! I seriously texted the picture to everyone I know. LOL. If you get super famous I hope you remember the little people 😉

  5. Love the article!!! Such a flirt!

  6. I now ” know” someone famous ;)!!! Yay, Cole – what a rockstar :)!!

  7. So lovely to e-meet you, Cole Baby!

  8. Question: Do you know the kid who does those e-trade commercials? I figure there must be some sort of a hangout place for all you famous toddlers right? Have a great day!

  9. totally opened my magazine today and saw that and literally said to my husband “hey brett, there's this baby named cole who comments on my blog a lot, he's featured in this magazine! Awesome”… yes, my husband gave me the side eye.
    Congrats!!! 🙂

  10. Hi Cole, It's Ana here from I'm one of the other toddlers whose blog is featured in the article so just came by to say hi! Great blog!

  11. I saw the article when I was reading my magazine last night and was so excited for you!! Congrats!!

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