Adventures of Cowboy Cole – Rocking Horse Ranch

After a bit of a rough start, we *finally* made it to the Rocking Horse Ranch at about 11AM on Monday. We were immediately pleasantly surprised by a room upgrade upon check-in!

Originally, we were supposed to stay in a smaller room in the Oklahoma building, which is a few steps outside of the main lodge. We really got to spread out in a HUGE room directly in the lodge building. The room was furnished with two queen sized beds, a loft bed and some bunk beds (which I immediately tried out), and a mini-fridge for my milk. There was also a separate vanity area outside of the bathroom, which made getting ready in the morning pretty easy.

After we settled in, we did a quick tour of the facilities before heading to lunch. I took my first (of many) “pony” rides,

visited the zebra and the camel,

and stopped by the Fun Barn, which houses a ball play area, a bounce house, a climbing wall, and a ping pong table.

One of the great things about Rocking Horse Ranch is that they allow you to have full use of their facilities for the full day of your check-in, even though check-in time is 3PM. We were lucky that our room was ready, but even if it hadn’t been we would have started having fun immediately! Additionally, dinner is included on your check-in day, and breakfast and lunch are included on the day you check-out. Since we arrived so early in the day (we were eager to get our vacation started!), we asked if we might be able to go to lunch as well and were permitted to do so. A nice surprise at the lunch buffet is the characters that come around to say hello! I gave Cowboy Joe a high five,

and had a chat with a cute horsie.

After lunch, we finally hit the pools – which I had noticed as soon as we got there since there is a window to the indoor water park right next to the front desk. The pools were SO. MUCH. FUN. The outdoor area had a kiddie pool (which I insisted on calling a “walking” pool, and was my favorite) with a raining water feature and a little slide which I made Daddy go on with me approximately 7,004 times, and a bigger pool with a HUGE water slide.

The indoor pool area was just as nice; there was a kiddie area with water features and several slides, and another giant slide for bigger kids and grown-ups. The larger pool had tipping water buckets and a slippery water walkway.

I have soooooooooo much more to say about our mini-break, but this post is already epic length, so I’m going to call intermission; I have many more pictures to share and tips for any of you who might be inspired to go to Rocking Horse Ranch yourself, but they will have to wait until Monday. If you miss me over the weekend, you can see a video of me riding a horse here.

My friends at Rocking Horse Ranch offered Mommy and Daddy and me a discounted rate for our stay. I did not promise to say nice things about them, nor did they ask me to – and if they had? That’s no guarantee I would have anyway. I am 2 and v-e-r-y contrary.


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  1. Whoa, WHERE is this place? Because I seriously think my kid would lose his mind if we went. In a good way.

  2. Wow this place looks awesome! There is so much to do. What a cool place!!!

  3. Looks like fun! Glad you all had a good time.

  4. This place looks absolutely amazing!!! I so love that they let you play even before the 3:00 checkin too. That's very awesome.

    I love that you loved the waterslide AND that you rode the horse multiple times! And you look SO BIG standing by the lifeguard!!

  5. Hi Cole, the cowboy's name is Tombstone Tom and his equine sidekick is Billy The Horse!

  6. I must google this place. My kids would be in horse heaven!!!

  7. Rocking Horse Ranch. Highland NY! I worked here for many years!

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