Monday Mash-Up

Mommy and Daddy and I had great adventures this weekend! We went into the city on Saturday: on our way to Madison Square Park, we hit up Pinkberry (the lychee flavor has been phased out, but watermelon is back!), and walked through a street fair. Then we went to the playground and had lunch at the Madison Square food truck festival.

On Sunday, we went to the local Spring Dogfest and then had some barbecue at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

All of that completely tuckered Mommy out, so she got ONE picture – me taking a nap on Daddy’s back:

So, to make up for that photo fail, here is a video of me knocking Mommy down:

and an animation of me enjoying some yummy canteloupe:

make a gif

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Looks/sounds like a great weekend! Happy Monday to you too!

  2. Cool carrier! What brand is that? My wrap back carry attempts haven't been going well, so I've been thinking about a structured one.

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