Steppin’ Out – I’ve got style, yes I do!

My friend Mandy, at Harper’s Happenings, hosts a weekly meme called “Steppin’ Out,” where mommies and kidlets get to show off their style.

Mommy has no style. But me? I looked pretty great on Saturday, so here goes:

Everything I’m wearing? And, actually, most of my wardrobe? Clearance. No way Mommy’s paying full price for stuff I only wear a few times before I outgrow it. Also? How much do we love Crazy 8?

I spent a really great morning running around Coach and Grammy Boo’s yard.

Here is where Mommy thinks what a big boy I look like, and mourns the loss of my babyhood…

…and then she notices that the perfectly normal-sized daffodils are about as tall as me. That’s got to be the angle, right? I’m seriously not dwarfed by flowers. Well, maybe sunflowers or something, but not, like, regular flowers…

This is me, saying “cheese.”

It’s so nice to have a Coach to run and swing and smell the flowers with.

This post was not in any way sponsored by Crazy 8, Babies R’ Us, or Stride Rite – but if any of those companies are looking for a model, I’d totally be down.

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  1. LOL @ You'd make a great model!

  2. What an adorable picture!! Such a fashionable little dude!!

    Crazy 8 doesn't exist around here *sigh*

  3. Cole, you got style little dude 🙂

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