Spring has sprung!

And thank goodness, too, because Mommy and I could not take any more winter! April got off to a somewhat rocky start, what with the snow on the 1st (April Fools!), but this weekend was gorgeous – the sun shone for Daddy’s birthday on Saturday and the temperature stayed in the 60s yesterday so we got to go to the playground for the first time since the fall.

It’s about time!

I’ve been so excited about the warmer weather that I ran around for 4 days without taking a nap…

Shopping with cousin Amy

and exploring the Mid-Hudson Valley Children’s Museum were highlights of the week.

I took a teeny catnap while Mommy was running errands,

but I *really* crashed yesterday – after Daddy’s birthday brunch and hitting the playground, I took my “nap” from 3 to 8. I only got up because Daddy was changing me into my jammies – I had a few sips of milk and went right back to bed. Mommy says I grow when I’m sleeping and I have some catching up to do!

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  1. Yay for Spring!! I was so over the winter weather as well. It's already mid 90's in Texas. Looks like you had a fun and very busy week 🙂

  2. so cute. I love that you're still wearing him AND he's curling up sleeping on you like that. So darn sweet.

  3. A five hour nap!?!? That is amazing!!!

    Love him petting the sheep!!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your Daddy!!

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