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The idea of me hosting a recipe swap is sort of laughable because, well, I’m 15 months old and Mommy? Not a big cook. But here we are, so let’s get this potluck started!

It’s our understanding that the dinner hosts usually provide the main course, which in this case would be the turkey, of course.

But we totally do NOT know how to make a turkey… so we will be offering a side dish instead. We didn’t want to leave you *completely* hanging, so here you go:

You’re welcome.

On to our recipe! This is possibly the least formal recipe in the world, but it was this or directing you all to pick up a frozen pie and stick it in the oven.

Mashed Rutabaga

First, let’s establish that that picture up there? Not mine. I got it from the Food Network, where they can also give you a recipe that uses, like, real measurements and stuff.

Grammy usually makes rutabaga because it’s one of Mommy’s favorites – and since it’s totally baby friendly, I figured it would be a good dish to share. (Also, it’s vegetarian, so probably Aunt Rebecca would like it!) This year, Grammy is scaling back on her cooking, so maybe we* will make it instead.

As per Grammy Boo, you get a rutabaga and then you have to peel it and cut it into chunks. Or cut it into chunks and then peel it. Apparently rutabagas are difficult to peel, so you can choose whichever way you find easiest. Once you have hunks of rutabaga, boil them and then mash them. Then you add butter, salt, and pepper to taste (probably you stir them all around instead if just plunking them on top) – and then? You eat! Easy peasy! (In theory. Mommy and I have never actually made this. If we** try it out, we’ll get back to you next week with our results. If YOU try it out, let us know what you thought!)

*We = Daddy. Mommy doesn’t cook, remember? And I? Am too short to reach the counter.

**We = still Daddy. Seriously. I’m not allowed to work the stove.

Are you inspired? This is a blog hop, you guys! Add your favorite recipes – new or traditional – so we can have a yummy Thanksgiving feast! Also, tune in next month for a revisited Twitter Home Tour – by popular demand, starting December 17, we invite you to link up pics of your holiday decorations, so save the date!

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  1. MMM. Looks delicious/ Can't say for sure if I've ever had rutabaga but I'm intrigued. Not much of a cook myself so I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving at my aunt's and contributing a {store-bought} dessert. Enjoy!

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  4. What a fun post….made me smile. Dropped by from the relax and surf sunday and am now following you. Great blog:)

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  6. Yummy!! I've never made rutabagas…guess there's no time like the present to try!

    Thanks for telling me about your recipe blog hop!

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