First Haircut – Thousand Word Thursday

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  1. How cute! I have to admit that I am jealous. My 19 month old doesn't even have enough hair to cut yet..I swear. My children are the baldest children ever, which is odd, because Hubs and I have more hair than we know what to do with!

  2. I didn't think you could get any cuter, Cole, but you did! So handsome! It looks like you had a good time and didn't scream like my kids did.

  3. That's awesome that he got his first haircut in a little race car. Looks like he had fun and no tears!!

  4. It's about time that we got pictures!!

    So cute!!!! He was so brave! And the race car is just an awesome idea! We don't have anything like that around here.

  5. wow, he did great!!! My son does not enjoy having his hair cut unfortunately. 🙁

  6. I found you through the Relax and Rest Sunday Surf. Love your blog!

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