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So, if you’ve been around for a while, you know how much I love reading. When I have Thursday night dates with Grandma, I bring her book after book to look at with me. Mommy and Daddy keep a rotating collection within my reach (there are only so many times *they* can read the same story over and over – I don’t have any such limitations), and there are a few that we keep on hand all the time.

I LOVE going to the library for storytime, but we are hardly a librarian’s dream household… Henry is as likely to steal borrow my books as much as the rest of my toys, and I really like chewing on them – so we’re pretty hard on reading material around here.

I was super-psyched, therefore, when I was offered a chance to review a copy of The Robot Book.

From the publisher:

The Robot Book (Accord Publishing) by Heather Brown is an interactive story that will enchant tinkerers of all ages. The working— and moving—gears, cogs, nuts, and bolts mounted on each beautifully illustrated spread will keep little fingers busy and imaginations engaged as the charming story reveals the secret behind what really makes the robot tick.
The Robot Book is a unique way to introduce children to one of life’s most important lessons: It’s what’s on the inside that counts. With striking artwork, interactive components, and a poignant message, it’s impossible not to fall in love with The Robot Book.

This book has rapidly become a favorite in our house! First off, it’s sturdy – after nearly a month of living with Henry and me and being read about 27 times a day, it still looks like new! All of those “gears, cogs, nuts, and bolts” are still attached and working, even though I love to pull and push on them.

Not only has the book held up to some pretty serious abuse, but the story is short enough to keep my attention and has a really cute message (*Spoiler Alert* – It’s what’s inside that counts.). Some of the books that I have are really wordy (Mommy has to speed read, or I just turn the page and cut her off), or they have way too many pages (I quit before the end.). On the other end of the spectrum, some of my books only have one word on each page – which gets pretty boring sometimes. The Robot Book is the perfect length.

Another thing I love about The Robot Book is that it lends itself to some great discussion questions. Mommy and I talk about the robot’s eyes, mouth, arms, etc. and then she asks where mine are. We also count the cogs and gears, and point to the different colors in the pictures. The illustrations are simple and bold, so it is easy to identify the different parts.

Aren’t you all excited that I like my book? Great. You know what? You can have one, too! Bet you’re more excited now, right? THREE of my bleeps will win their very own copy! (or, you know, one for a kid they know and love)

How to Get Your Own:

  1. To enter, fill in the form below telling me your favorite children’s book. That’s it! While I certainly wouldn’t mind if you voted for me or tweeted with me, or liked me on Facebook, you don’t need to do any of that – unless you want to!
  2. For an extra entry, tweet about my giveaway. Feel free to use the sample tweet, or make up one of your own, but be sure to include a link back here. You can tweet once per day and each tweet will be counted as one additional entry. (You don’t need to come back and comment or anything – the tweet itself is your entry.)

    Like #robots ? Like #books ? What could be better than The Robot Book? Win one from @AndrewsMcMeel ! #ColesBookClub

  3. Entries will be closed 9:00PM EDT on Tuesday, November 2 and the winners will be posted here on Wednesday, November 3. Winners must contact me by Friday, November 5 or forfeit their prize. Open to U.S. & Canada!

Also? You should watch this video because it is completely adorable!

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