Meerkats make me angry!

You know what’s really great? Daddy is home this whole week, since summer school doesn’t start until Monday – so we’ve been having a fun little vacation!

On Monday, we had planned to check out Tomahawk Lake, but the forecast was for rain and thunderstorms so we decided to go with our alternate plan: the Norwalk Aquarium. When Mommy thinks of the aquarium, she thinks of watching the glowing jellyfish floating gently by on slightly swirling currents in a dimly lit room. Mommy’s aquarium experiences have been soothing in general… I go about an aquarium visit in a totally different way.

First of all, the exhibit that greeted us upon our entry was Meerkats (we came in the IMAX door). Ummmm, this is only my first visit, so I’m no aquarium expert, but I wouldn’t think desert creatures are what you’d typically expect to find there. Far from being soothed and relaxed, those meerkats made me SO mad! Mommy thinks I wanted to play with them and was SO angry because they wouldn’t cooperate. Daddy took a little video, but it doesn’t really capture the *full* experience – he missed, for example, me shaking my tiny baby fist with rage and turning full on purple as I yelled my frustration.

{ETA: You can find the song about me and the meerkats HERE.}

After the desert Africa exhibit, I went on to yell at seals and jellyfish and seahorses… I pet a stingray in a touch tank and then Mommy found a nice area in front of the shark tank for me to crawl around in.

I watched the fish and sharks with Daddy for a while and then met Lauren, a 9 month old who was crawling around, too.

After I got the wiggles out, I was a little calmer and we walked around the rest of the aquarium. Right before we headed out, though, we checked back in with those meerkats – and they riled me up all over again!

Here’s me as a starfish:
and Daddy as a seal:
and, finally, both of us together:
Yesterday, our week of fun continued at Madison Square Park, where I went on the swings for the first time, and Henry enjoyed a “Pooch-ini” for lunch at the Shake Shack. Yum!

We’re SO excited for Papoose Land at Tomahawk Lake on Thursday!

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  1. That video is hilarious! Those meerkats wouldn't know what hit 'em if Cole got hold of them! I think it's a boy thing, the screaming just to scream. My boy will wake up in his crib in the mornings and just start hollering. Not crying, just shouting for the sake of shouting.

  2. hahha awww! looks like fun!

    did you receive your dragon in the mail yet? just wanna make sure it got to ya!

  3. Cole as a starfish? SOOOOOO cute!!

  4. I enjoy blogs. I enjoy reading them and silently comparing my child's accomplishments or lack thereof to theirs, but there's only one blogger who I would actually love to meet and then *eat*! That picture of Cole as a starfish SEALED THE DEAL for me!

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