Dear teething,

Go away. Nobody likes you.

Seriously? I am only 10 months old – I do not need more than the NINE teeth I already have. Mommy will not be feeding me peanut brittle anytime soon. Really, most of what I eat is the consistency of a banana. I have NO need for a mouth full of chompers at the moment – we could slow down a bit, mmmkay?

Cranky and taking it out on everyone,

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  1. Poor Nicholas! Your dragon is on the way though! Tell your mommy thank you ten billion times over for buying it! 😀 thank you! 😀

  2. I'm teething too! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Out of desperation, Mommy bought me some amber beads that are supposed to have special healing powers.
    Lily (8 months) aka TinyReader

  3. Oh you poor guy! That is a ton of teeth for only 10 month's old! I hope you have lots of Hyland's teething tablets!

  4. Yes, Nellie is just now starting to teethe and it sucks. There isn't even any signs of actual TEETH yet, but I can just tell it's coming. Poor little guy. I hope you feel better! I second the Hyland's!

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