First came love, then came marriage, then came… ME!

Welcome to another Twitter Blog Hop!

Since June is wedding month, our theme today is weddings – obviously I have not had one of my own yet, so I’ll be posting about Mommy and Daddy’s! Sit back and relax because there are a *lot* of pictures (seriously, you may want to hydrate before you begin). Join in the fun by linking up YOUR wedding post to the blog hop at the bottom!

Here is the Save the Date: It had Mommy & Daddy’s wedding website address on the bottom and was printed on business card sized magnets. (By the way, for those of you doing the math in your heads, I was born in August ’09 – that’s 10 months.) And here is the invitation:
You don’t mind that I blurred out last names and the exact location, do you? Don’t want to make it *too* easy for the cyber stalkers! Now that you’ve been formally invited, let’s see some pics!

Here are some bridal details:

That’s Mommy’s dress against the front door of Grammy and Coach’s house. Her bouquet was made of all of her favorite blooms – purple irises, red gerbera daisies, and sunflowers, and her “something blue” was her shoes! Pearland florist made a perfect flower arrangement as usual!

The Bride:

Up at the tippy top on the left there is Mommy’s baby brother, Uncle Matt – he was her bridesman. Underneath is Grammy and Coach, and below them is Uncle John, pointing out that Mommy is crazy – he is her BFF and was the Man of Honor. That’s his hands in the upper right picture helping Mommy with her buttons. (Pssst: those weren’t real buttons – there was a zipper underneath. This picture is a total fake – don’t tell anyone!)

The Groom:

That’s Daddy – isn’t Mommy lucky? Up on the top right is Daddy with Grandma and Grandpa, and halfway down on the left is Uncle David, Daddy’s brother and Best Man. The pretty girl in purple is Aunt Rebecca – she’s Daddy’s baby sister and was his groomsmaid.

The Ceremony:

This is Mommy and Daddy’s ketubah (Jewish wedding contract) – you might remember it hanging on the dining room wall. The kiddush cup they drank wine from was Uncle Matt’s from his Bar Mitzvah, and the “glass” wrapped in the napkin? is actually a lightbulb. (See? More behind the scenes wedding secrets!) Apparently they are easier to break and don’t produce shards that will slice through the groom’s shoe and stab his foot. (That? Would be a less than festive way to begin the reception)

The music for the recessional was Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping Beauty Waltz,” which the string quartet learned especially for Mommy – she felt like a princess! If you want to hear what is sounded like, you can press play below… but the clip is not edited completely – the waltz section doesn’t start until about 20 seconds in; you’ll know it because it sounds like “Once Upon a Dream” from the Sleeping Beauty Disney movie.

Waltz from Sleeping Beauty, Tchaikovsky

::humming along and swaying a bit:: After the ceremony, Mommy and Daddy went over to a park a few blocks away to take some pictures…

…and then it was time to boogie down at the reception!

Come Away With Me, Norah Jones
Mommy convinced Daddy to do a choreographed waltz for their first dance – and he even conceded that it was a good idea once all was said and done. (He’s very smart and agrees with Mommy most of the time.)

Everyone had a great time!

Just a few more detail pics…

Flowers – These are centerpieces, but they also doubled as aisle decorations!
Let them eat… cupcakes! Mommy and Daddy played the song below when they cut their cake… Twenty bonus points to the first hopper to correctly guess why!

Stationery – Mommy designed the escort cards, programs, and guest book cards to match the Save the Dates. And, yes, those ARE candy apples attached to the escort cards as favors.

PHEW! Did you make it to the end? Did we go overboard? Mommy has over 1,000 wedding pics from the *fabulous* Stephanie Violette (we love, love, LOVE her), so if you want more, just say so…

And now for the fun part! Do you have a wedding post? Link it up! Don’t have one? Write one now – the hop will be open for a week so check back for new additions… The theme for this #junebloghop is weddings, but you don’t necessarily have to do a picture post – writing’s fine, too!

What’s that? You’d like one more peek at Mommy’s pretty blue shoes before you go? Happy to oblige!

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  1. LOVE those shoes! I wish I had done fun bright shoes. Anyway, my God, lady you're gorgeous. Love all the details, the colors – and yep, I started humming & swaying to the music. Loved that piece. And now I'm trying to remember what we walked out of the church to… damn…

    Thanks again for putting this blog hop together – i love these!

  2. I'm squeeing over those blue shoes!! Love them!

    The flowers you chose were amazing also 🙂 So beautiful!

  3. The shoes!? ::dies:: GORGEOUS. And I love the bright flowers.


  4. First, I have to say it's nice to see a Jewish Wedding on here where I understand all the things ketubah and such, though my wedding was court house and even if it wasn't b/c the hubs isn't Jewish, a religious ceremony would not have been had. And my favorite part are those freaking shoes! Genius!

  5. So cute! I especially love the blue shoes! I love when brides have a pop of color with their shoes instead of standard white-ish.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I loved those cupcakes, they looked amazing. You had such nice touches at your wedding..and light bulb, huh…who knew?

  7. Gorgeous! Loved your shoes and ketubah!!

  8. lol! It's CAKE!!! -That's kinda the cutest thing ever!

  9. I love the shoes – they're something blue AND something new! Too cute. And the flower color scheme is amazing, not matchy or traditional at all. A beautiful wedding for a beautiful bride and a super cute couple.

  10. Love the blue shoes! And the cupcakes. Yum.

  11. Nice to see another Jewish wedding! Your Ketubah is very pretty. One day I should post a photo of mine. Oh, and I just *love* your shoes!!!

  12. I love your bouquet– the colors are so vibrant! Beautiful!

  13. What a beautiful wedding. I love the blue shoes and all of your details. So lovely!

  14. What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! The shoes? shut up! they are AWESOME! And the Ketubah and the flowers…swoon…love all these wedding pics!

  15. Okay I died a little when I saw the flowers but I REALLY died when I saw the shoes! Love it!

  16. Looks like an awesome wedding! What a gorgeous dress! And everyone looked so nice!

    I got pregnant on my wedding night so I love when everyone tries to “do the math” about when my daughter was born. LOL

    I will try to link up a wedding post this week. Oh, and I love your collages…I hope you don't mind if I try to do something like that in my post. 😉

  17. So cute! Lily and I love your blue shoes too!

  18. I love everything about your wedding! The shoes, the flowers, GORGEOUS! 🙂 fantastic idea for a blog hop

  19. those shoes are pretty awesome. everyone should wear fun shoes for their wedding! =)

  20. I think we had the same wedding shoes! LOL
    however, my shoes were not nearly as exciting.
    I put my husbands initial and a heart on the bottom of my shoes in blue rhinestones. They were white but I love them in blue. I'm assuming this was the “something blue”. Very pretty.

    Looks like it was a beautiful day!

  21. Oh, I love the shoes your Mama picked out for her wedding! Just stopped by from the blog hop. Better late than never, right? It looks likeyour mommy and daddy had a lot of fun on their special day!

  22. I LOVE your pictures! So beautiful!

  23. You had a gorgeous wedding! I love all the details 🙂 Jake was born 9 months after our wedding lol

  24. I'm so glad I found your blog, I love that it's written from your son's perspective (something new and different :)) Oh, and also your wedding was gorge!

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