#90 – 1000 Awesome Things


A couple of weeks ago, Mommy went to the MommyBites Summit, where she picked up a whole bunch of free samples and swag. TheBigToyBook.com was handing out little bottles of bubbles and we have had a great time playing with them! Mommy blows bubbles for me, and I try to catch them – it’s really hard!

Regular bubbles are excellent in and of themselves, but this weekend Daddy bought Mommy me the Best Toy Ever. EVER.You guys? It blow about 200 bubbles at a time! AND? It. LIGHTS. UP.

I know, right?!

Mommy and I are having the most fun… Henry, though, is not so sure; he was totally cool with bubbles in the small numbers that we were getting when Mommy was just using an old school plastic wand – but automatic hordes of bubbles? Make Henry a little nervous.

NOTE: Bubbles are fun to try and catch, but they do *not* taste good. Trust me.

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  1. what is 100 awesome things? and are you counting down or up?

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