#94 – 1000 Awesome Things


Google is completely awesome. I’m kind of tempted to end this post here – Google. Is. Awesome. PERIOD – but maybe some of you don’t know how completely nifty it really is.

  • Looking up an old friend? Google him.
  • Need a quick answer to a trivia question? Google it.
  • Want to check your math? Google the problem.
  • Maybe you’d like a pretty “#94” to add to your blog post? IT’S ALL ON GOOGLE.

Google – whose headquarters are rumored to house ball pits for fun during breaks, how cool is that?! – is not just Mommy’s go-to search engine, though.

First of all, there is iGoogle. iGoogle allows you to customize your Google landing page with limitless options – you can add games, and news headlines, and your gmail (another goodie from Google) inbox, and pictures, and weather forecasts, and, and, AND… If you don’t like the Google logo (which changes almost daily to reflect current events), you can switch it out for a graphic of your own choosing. There are even themes that change to reflect the current weather conditions at your location. That is interweb magic, right there!

Next up, you’ve got Google images. You can find pictures, illustrations, and graphics of *anything* here. Seriously. I got 596,000 results for a search of “squirrel hat.” And in case you still don’t believe me, there were 11,600 results for “fruity raccoon.” [We asked Daddy for an adjective and a noun, a la Mad Libs, and “fruity raccoon” is what he came up with. Daddy’s a little weird… although it was Mommy that came up with “squirrel hat,” so there you go.]

Google search, iGoogle, and Google images don’t impress you? [Really? What’s wrong with you?] What about Picasa, Reader, or YouTube – all Google products? Check them – and all the other *FREE* stuff Google puts out there for you – here. You’re welcome.

P.S. Everyone likes Cookie Monster, right?

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