#98 – 1000 Awesome Things

Cupcakes on Your Birthday

Cupcakes anytime, really – although *I* wouldn’t know; still waiting on those top teeth! Friday was Daddy’s birthday, so I helped Mommy make some birthday cupcakes as a surprise.

If you know Mommy, you know this was a *big*surprise because Mommy doesn’t bake… or cook… She’s really not into food preparation at all.

ANYway, the last time she attempted a solo baking project, she incinerated cookies in Coach and Grammy’s oven back in high school. Did you know if you leave them in too long chocolate cookies will burst into flames? True story. (And, incidentally not the only fire-related cooking story in Mommy’s past – she once set the stove on fire while boiling water.)

But it was Daddy’s birthday and we wanted to do something special. So Mommy set off to the grocery store and got the recommended Duncan Hines mix and two extra muffin tins because we only have one cupcake tin and Aunt Angela said that wasn’t enough.

She managed to follow the directions and mixed all of the ingredients together. (My bottle warmer was not involved in the cupcake preparation – it just happens to be there in the middle of the action.)
Grammy laughed when she saw that picture because Mommy used the stick blender thingie instead of a hand mixer, and then Mommy said that was exactly why she doesn’t like cooking because there are all of these secret rules that everyone else just knows. Why can’t she use the stick blender thingie? It did the job! Of course it also fell out of the bowl at one point and splattered chocolate batter everywhere, but Grammy didn’t even know that!

When our cupcakes were done, they looked like this:
Another top secret rule that Mommy didn’t know was that you are apparently supposed to frost the cupcakes one at a time and then add the sprinkles individually… Mommy and I just frosted all of them and then tried to dump on the sprinkles – which is why the ones in the front have a decent amount, but the ones in the back have approximately 3.2 sprinkles apiece.

Daddy said they were the best homemade cupcakes he ever had. Daddy loves Mommy a lot and is really nice to her.

4 calls to Aunt Angela for guidance and advice + no flames (!) = awesome

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