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Hint, hint. Yes, this is blatant fishing. I love getting comments. I know you guys are out there and it’s so nice to get feedback! So, for those of you who might like to leave a comment, but are not sure how (::waves at Grammy::), here’s a little tutorial:

  • Look at the bottom of the post for my little comment gorilla.

  • Click where it says “What do you think?” and it will take you to a comment form.

  • Now you have options. Click in the white box and type whatever you want to tell me (a simple hello is fine!) and then click the drop-down menu next to where it says “Comment as.”If you choose the first option,you will get the chance to log in to your Google (Gmail) account. If the next few (LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, OpenID) apply to you, you probably already know what to do, so I’m going to focus on the last 2.
  • If you select Name/URL, a form will pop up.

    Type your name in the “Name” box. (ummm, duh.) Here’s the thing, though – you don’t need to type anything where it says URL! If you have a website/Facebook page/blog that you want to link to, great – but if your only address is for your actual real-life house and is not preceded by “http://,” that’s okay, too! Again, you can put your name in and feel free just to leave that URL box blank.

  • The easiest option of all is just to choose “Anonymous.” You can identify yourself (or not) within your comment – no additional box or form will pop up.
  • When you’re done filling in the white box with all of your praise and admiration, just click “Post Comment.”

YAY! You’re done! Why not try it out? ::wink wink, nudge nudge:: My comment gorilla is just down there, waiting for you!

Also? For extra credit, find these buttons under every post:
The first one is a link to vote for me on Top Baby Blogs – pretty please click it once a day! I am perpetually clinging onto the bottom of the front page by a fingernail – I’d like to feel a little more secure in the top 20. The next three are Twitter, Facebook, and Stumbleupon links respectively – share my posts on your favorite social media outlet if you enjoy them!

Smoochies! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial, Cole. Just like Mommy, you are a great teacher. ( Ask Mommy to to tell you how she taught Uncle Matt everything he knows…) Love, Grammy

  2. Love your blog Cole. Sorry we only met once…hopefully it will happen again sometime soon!! And tell your mom she did an amazing job on this website and I'm wondering how she did it… 🙂

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