#100 – 1000 Awesome Things

I’m not really sure where Mommy and I heard about 1000 Awesome Things (maybe NPR?), but we love it! What a nice way to lift your spirits when your are having a crank day – head over to Neil’s blog to see the “simple, brilliant” thing of the day! (Also? There must be some connection between the name “Neil” and awesomeness; Neil Patrick Harris’s character on How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson, has a *lot* to say about the state of being awesome.)

Anyway… Some of our favorite of the top 1000 Awesome things that Neil has listed so far are finding money you didn’t even know you lost, sleeping in new bed sheets, using Q-tips the way you’re not supposed to use them, the smell of rain on a hot sidewalk, and snow days.

My blog has all sorts of other features, so I’m not going to post an awesome thing every day like Neil – once a week sounds about right. 1,000 items posted once a week would take ten years, which is a bit daunting, so I’ve cut it to 100…

And that’s enough of an introduction, so here we go – my first of 100 Awesome Things Tuesday post.

Snuggling with Mommy

I love my Daddy AND Henry AND Grandma & Grandpa and Grammy & Coach and all of my aunts and uncles, of course, but there are times when a guy just needs his Mommy. When I’m tired or grouchy, or maybe even feeling a little bit sniffly, Mommy’s shoulder is where I want to be. There’s is no amount of back patting, bouncing, or shhh-shhhing that works as well as Mommy-soothing. I can bury my head right into the bend in her neck, or burrow down into her chest, and have some nice quiet time. My very favorite spot to nap is right on her tummy.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwww, I love this picture!!!

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