NaBloPoMo Success!

Today is the last day in February – with this writing, I have successfully posted every day in February to complete the NaBloPoMo challenge. NaBloPoMo is “National Blog Posting Month,” which is roughly based on NaNoWriMo, “National Novel Writing Month.” In addition to being a blog challenge rather than a book-authoring one (obviously), NaBloPoMo can be done any month that you choose, while NaNoWriMo is in November every year.

Guess why I (and LOTS of other people) chose February? Ummmm, duh – shortest month! I’m more than just a pretty face.

Anyway, I’m pretty glad I made it through the month and that February is over. I had a lot of fun, but it was hard finding time to post every day! Cut me some slack – I’m six months old; I don’t always have all that much to say… Thus, some of my posts have been less than riveting, I’m sure.

Over the course of February:

  • I’ve found lots of fun blogging communities; Mommy has had a private/friends-locked journal for almost 12 years now, but it is a little bit different having a public blog. I’ve made friends and joined some cool blogging circles – NaBloPoMo, Top Baby Blogs, Mom Bloggers Club, and Twitter Moms to name a few. I’m cheating a little bit because most of those are “Mommy” clubs – but there aren’t a lot of baby clubs to join!
  • I’ve spent a ton of time playing with Social Media: I’ve discovered Twitter, Formspring, and created my very own Facebook Fan Page! It’s exciting to develop my web presence – I will have an internet footprint as I grow.
  • I’ve captured moments that might otherwise have been lost; by challenging myself to post every day, I thought about the small things that happened during that 24-hour period that might be noteworthy. Honestly? There was not always much to say. But I do have posts that I like that might not have existed if I had not forced myself to sit down and write each day.

Here are some February favorites:

  • Week 1: Oh, Henry! Who can resist writing about their best friend? And Henry is very photogenic.
  • Week 2: This is not a cookie. This is one of Mommy’s favorites – it documents my very first solid food experience.
  • Week 3: Fetch! Another Henry post – I have a feeling I’ll be writing a lot more about our adventures together in the future.
  • Week 4: Little Bunny Foo Foo: A Daddy & Cole Production Who doesn’t love Daddy-oke? This latest installment included props and some jokes, which just made it even more fun!

NaBloPoMo has been really difficult, and I’m really glad I did it – it made me think more about what was going on *every* day and capture something special from every experience – but I’ll be glad to go back to posting only when I have something to say! I’m aiming to keep it at 2 or 3 posts per week…

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  1. Congrats, you are the only baby I know who has done NaBloPoMo. Yay

  2. Wow! Well done, what an achievement. You deserve a break Cole, you can take some time out with your Mommy now I guess!

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