Superbowl Sunday

Is it any wonder that Mommy is a little bit in love with and the Pampers Gifts to Grow program?

This is a quick post because I stayed up to watch the Saints win the Superbowl (Yay!) and it is well past my bedtime… Last night, we went to dinner at Heidelberg Restaurant to celebrate Uncle David’s upcoming birthday. Mommy, Daddy, Uncle David, Aunt Angela, and Grandpa split a giant wurst platter and accompanying potato pancakes and red cabbage. Aunt Rebecca had a meal of potato pancakes, creamed spinach, and applesauce. Grandma had a fancy version of wiener schnitzel. Everyone had yummy looking apple strudel for dessert.

Guess what I had for dinner?

Formula. Again. Le sigh.

I did get some free stuff to make up for it, though. The Jägermeister Jägerettes were hosting a party at the bar later at night and they were setting up while we were eating. They gave me a whole bunch of souvenirs – a blinky light, a light-up necklace, a Jägermeister keychain/lanyard… They thought I was such a cutie – too bad Mommy did not have the camera with us to take a picture with them!

And for no reason other than I have this video and it really should be shared, here is Daddy singing Waltzing With Bears:

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